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Cohorts Equalized taxes paid. Charts showing taxes paid by earlier workers in 1996 dollars adjusted by change in US Average Wage. Today's Workers are Paying much more!
Taxing OASI Benefits TAXATION
The Present Value of the Unfunded Liability for Old Age Survivors Insurance. Based on a OASI being eliminated and only accrued benefits to date being paid. COLD TURKEY!
The Present Value of the Unfunded Liability for Old Age Survivors Insurance. Based on a continuation of OASI forever.
The Current Cash Flow of OASI with nothing being done. CURRENT CASH FLOW OF OASI
Ever wonder what the effect would have been on current retirees net-worth had they been subjected to the same FICA Tax? CURRE NT UNDERPAYMENT BY CURRENT RETIREES
Ever wonder what OASI's unfunded liability by age is? Find out how much you owe the OASI Trust fund before receiving further or future benefits. UNFUNDED LIABILITY BY AGE
Increasing the Retirement Age: How many years increase for each year of increased life expectancy? Is it fair? INCREASED LIFE EXPECTANCY & INCREASED RETIREMENT AGE
Does a Minimum Wage Earner benefit from Social Security? MINIMUM WAGE & OASI
Maximum OASI Tax Paid Vs. OASI benefit and What a Privately Invested Amount would have earned. OASI Tax Paid
Average OASI tax paid by those born 1917 to 1932. Their OASI benefits and theoretical life time tax rate to pay OASI benefits. OASI Tax that should have been Applied
If Social Security continues along with same level of government services, what are the individual projected tax burdens (OASI, DI, Medicare, Federal Income Tax) Projected Tax Burden Vs worker/retiree ratio
Clinton's plan and how it looks in 40 years!


Does Clinton's Plan help or hurt?

Clinton's Other Solution?

Under Clinton's Watch the Unfunded liability for OASI has gone from $4.5 trillion to $10 Trillion and he wants to save Social Security?

Analysis of Opting Out of Social Security. Is it the right thing for you to do? QUIT
Some Interesting Charts GRAPHS
Defense Spending & President Reagan
Tables comparing the earnings wage base since 1937
Status of OASI Fund from 1999 to 2100.Compares Unfunded liability, phasing out OASI, Wage growth, Return on Fund Balance, Benefit cuts and FICA rate required to meet certain criteria. Table 5
United States Federal Cash Flow till 2008. Where's the Surplus? Table 6
Personal Income Taxes lost due to FICA increases Table 10
If all workers had paid the same OASI Tax rate since 1937, the OASI Fund would have a minimum of $6.2 Trillion instead of $589 Billion! Table 11
Corporate Taxes lost due to FICA tax increases Table 12
Comparison of OASI Taxes paid and benefits paid from 1940 till 2078. What Others Paid?