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History of Social Security

Initial statement on benefits

Details of Ida May Fuller's Payroll Tax Contributions


Celebrating a 50th Anniversary"

Notch Babies and the wage index method

Social Security & Medicare Tax Rates

Presidential Statements George H. W. Bush

Social Security Old Age Survivors Insurance (OASI)



Trust Fund

OASI Benefit Formula

US Average Wage since 1950

Normal Retirement age

Cost-of-Living Adjustments

Social Security Tax Rates

Social Security Wage Base Limit

US Average Wage sine 1950

Nominal Interest Rates on Special Issues

Monthly Interest Rates Paid To OASI, 1937-89

Social Security Disability Insurance (DI)



Trust Fund

Life Expectancy

Definitions of Life Table Functions

Life Table for 2002

Period life tables 1900 to present

Cohort Life Expectancies1 - Calendar Years, 2001-75

Cohort Life Expectancies1 - Historical Years, 1940-2000

Period Life Expectancies1 - Historical Years 1940-2000

Cohort Life Tables for U. S. Social Security Area by Year of Birth and Sex













Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers

Social Security Numbers For Children

Evidence Requirements for Assignment of Social Security Numbers (SSNs); Assignment of SSNs for Nonwork Purposes

Supplimental Security Income (SSI)

(SSI) benefits are paid from the general fund of the Treasury.

Historical SSI payments

US Treasury Department

National Debt

National Debt

US Debt

The National Debt Clock

Allen Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman


Greenspan commets

Economic outlook and current fiscal issues 2/25/2004

At a symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 8/28/2004

Economic outlook and current fiscal issues


Congressional Budget Office

President Bush's Commission on Social Security

Interim Report

Final Report

2004 Trustee Report

2003 OASDI Trustees Report

2002 OASDI Trustees Report

2001 OASDI Trustees Report

2000 OASDI Trustees Report

1999 OASDI Trustees Report

1998 OASDI Trustees Report

1997 OASDI Trustees Report

1996 Trust Fund Report

1995 Trust Fund Report

1942-1994 Trust

Stochastic Models

other stochastic models

SSA's Office of Policy compares results from various stochastic models.

These proposals are generally intended to restore, or largely restore, solvency for the long-range period (the next 75 years).

Federal Budget

Internal Revenue Service

Individual Income Tax Returns: Selected Income and Tax Items for Specified Tax Years, 1985-2002.

Number of Individual Income Tax Returns, by Type of Tax Settlement, Tax Years 1950-2002.

Number of Individual Income Tax Returns, Income, Exemptions and Deductions, Tax, and Average Tax, by Size of Adjusted Gross Income, Tax Years 2000-2002.

Personal Exemptions and Individual Income Tax Rates, 1913-2002.

Standard, Itemized, and Total Deductions Reported on Individual Income Tax Returns, Tax Years 1950-2002.

Individual Income Tax Rates and Shares, 2001: Article (PDF).

Individual Income Tax Returns, 2001.,,id=96586,00.html

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